The Texas Craft Spirits PAC exists to support candidates and officeholders who share our vision of a Texas with laws that promote rather than inhibit the growth and prosperity of the craft spirits industry and to raise awareness among the spirits-loving public of the need for legal reform.

Texas prides itself on being a pro-business, free-market state where anyone with drive and determination can start a business, create a product or service to meet consumer demand, and help grow the Texas economy.

Unfortunately, Texas distillers are operating under archaic, Prohibition-era laws that restrict growth, innovation, and consumer choice.

Changing these laws is long overdue, but to convince our elected officials to act is going to take a joint effort between distillers, industry partners, and consumers.

We must build a grassroots army of individuals who love spirits crafted in the Great State of Texas and want to see this industry continue to grow.

If you’re ready to send a message to Texas Legislators that it’s time to live up to the rhetoric, please donate today!

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